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Guilty Pleasure Datex White Nurse Costume

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Guilty Pleasure Datex White Nurse Costume.

A Guilty Pleasure costume for ladies who love role play and the shiny looks of latex. The sleeveless mini dress is made of white Datex material, with red lining along the shaping seams and a red cross sign on the left front. The red zipper opens from the top down, making it easy to show more or less cleavage to the patient.

Datex is a revolutionary material made of natural rubber latex, printed on an elastic knitted fabric. The result is a very stretchable material with the looks and touch of latex on the outside and the softness and comfort of the stretchy fabric on the inside.

Datex is comfortable to wear, it has that exciting look of latex, but not the disadvantage of being sticky and sweaty. It is easy to put on or take off without any additional dressing aids or conditioners. Datex provides great comfort, softness and flexibility, and at the same time the fetish look and touch that make latex so unique and appreciated.

  • Datex Nurse costume.
  • Material: Datex (69% Natural Latex / 27% Polyamide / 4% Elastane) 


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