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Passion Visone Bronze Stockings ST006 80 Den

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Passion Lingerie Visone Bronze Stockings ST006 80 Den.

Rich tone of Bronze color or a Deep Sun Tan. Close to a warm medium brown. Sheer Products of this color will give deep Tan effect to Medium tone skins, where as opaque products of this color appear like Medium tone of Brown/Bronze color.

Self-supporting stockings with lace with three silicone stripes, made of very high quality microfiber.

Material and Design:

  • 80 Denier
  • 1/2 Extra Small - Small
  • 3/4 Medium - Large
  • 5 Extra Large
  • 87% polyamide, 13% elastane
  • The product does not cause allergies
  • Does not discolor
  • Does not stain when washing

Size Chart:

1/2 3/4
Foot length 23-25 26-28
Crotch height 70-74 78-82
Thigh circumference 58-62 64-68

Washing according to the manufacturer's recommendations on the label.
Passion Lingerie Washing Instructions

Passion Lingerie Stockings ST006