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Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure Blue Latex Mini Dress

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Guilty Pleasure Blue Latex Mini Dress. 

This petrol blue latex dress has a turtle neck and black side panels. At the front and back of the dress there are garter straps with metal clips to attach stockings to the dress.  The latex mini dress from the Guilty Pleasure collection closes with a zipper at the back side.

  • Latex is made of natural rubber.
  • Latex clothing is skin-tight.
  • Treat with care to avoid tearing.
  • Use latex spray to enhance the shiny appearance.
  • If putting the garment on is difficult, use talc to reduce the friction against skin.
  • Then polish off any visible talc.
  • You can also use lubricant to provide a slippery surface for the latex to glide over.
  • Style 2109


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