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Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure Datex Body and Stockings Set

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Guilty Pleasure Datex (Latex Printed) Body and Stockings Set. 

This sleeveless body from the Guilty Pleasure collection has a striped latex print in a sexy open pattern on a transparent knitted fabric that is highly elastic. The material is flexible and stretchable, ensuring great wearing comfort. The black Datex print has a stripe from the crotch going up and splitting at the bust, a round neck at the front and a V-neck at the back side. The other stripes have a feather like pattern, that is repeated in the design of the garter stockings. The garter straps are firmly attached to the body and have metal clips. The body has no zipper or buttons. Thanks to the elastic material it is easy to put on or take off.

  • Datex is made of natural rubber and elastic knitted fabric. 
  • Because of the materials great extensibility and resistance, Datex is easy to put on and off without any additional dressing aids or conditioners!
  • Datex is comfortable to wear while ensuring a classic latex experience. 


  • Datex
  • Natural latex / Polyamide / Elastane

Guilty Pleasure Latex Size Chart